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Thermal Dynamics Automation IHC Torch Height Controller
We Bring Intelligence to the Table.


IHC COntroller
Intelligent Height Control (iHC) is built into the iCNC® XT controller and works as an invisible element of the Integrated Plasma Cutting System. No more incorrect settings or operator errors.
Two Plasma Torches in One Machine
  • Two lifter control version also available. No external electric boxes – everything connects direct to the iCNC® XT controller.
IHC Image

Intuitive Full Screen User Interface
  • Easy to understand graphics show operators how the parameters are to be set.
  • Settings are automatically controlled by selecting the process.
  • For special needs, you can easily override the default settings.
IHC Image

Precise Arc Voltage Monitoring for
Ultimate Cut Quality
  • 25 - 300V, settable by 0.1V increments, controlled by 0.02V measuring resolution.

2 Ways to Sense the Plate
  • Ohmic Contact.
  • Collision sense (adjustable sensitivity) virtually eliminates plate sensing problems caused by dirty nozzle/plate, preventing electric contact. If Ohmic contact does not work, the sensors on the iHolder take care of sensing the plate.

2 Lifter Versions, Either 4" (100 mm)
or 8" (200 mm) Stroke
  • Precise and Fast Servo Amplifier controlled motion with
    Encoder Feedback.
  • 800 IPM (20 m/min), Position Feedback resolution
    0.0001" (0.0025 mm).
  • Lifter dimensions (W/D/L) 5" / 4" / 15.75" or 19"
    (127/100/400 or 480 mm).
  • 4" (100 mm) lifter weight 14 lbs (6.0 kg); 8" (200 mm)
    lifter weight 16 lbs (7.0 kg).The collision sensor weighs
    an additional 2.3 lbs (1.0 kg).

Seamless integration enables
automatic settings as required for the
task in hand, in real time.
When selecting a cutting process (for example, Mild Steel, ¼" or 6 mm, 100A), all the necessary height control parameters are set automatically – not just the cut height.

Using optimized processes like Diameter Pro™, the parameters are adjusted in real time according to the requirements of the specific cutting task, such as different size holes or pierces.

In addition to eliminating operator errors, the integrated system optimizes performance continually throughout the cutting process, providing a level of performance unobtainable through even the best operator adjustments.