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Thermal Dynamics Automation Process Solutions
We Bring Intelligence to the Table.


  • Process Solution
    Precision Mild Steel

    Ultra-Cut® XT plasma systems offer the best in modern high precision plasma cutting, for mild steel and for stainless and aluminum.

  • Process Solution
    Precision Aluminum
    & Steel

    Thermal Dynamics systems use the Water Mist Secondary process to achieve high precision cut quality on aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Process Solution
    Integrated Control
    Integrated Control offers the highest degree of ease of use combined with high precision cutting performance
  • Diameter PRO
    Diameter PRO®
    Diameter PRO allows you to cut high quality, "optimized" holes in three simple steps.
  • Process Solution
    Plasma Marking
    Plasma marking is used for identification of plate and parts, for making bend lines and weld points. This process is available with all Ultra-Cut® XT plasma systems.
  • Robotic & Bevel Cutting
    Robotic & Bevel Cutting
    Ultra-Cut® high precision plasma systems are available with the XTR torch, specifically engineered for robotic and beveling applications.
  • Air Plasma
    Air Plasma
    Thermal Dynamics offers two product families for air plasma cutting, Auto-Cut and the Cutmaster A Series.
  • Process Solution
    Upgrades and Retro-Fits
    Victor Thermal Dynamics offer an array of possibilities for retro-fit or upgrade of your current cutting system.
  • Consumables
    Unnecessary part changes can cost time and money while a machine is down. High quality consumables reduce downtime, allowing shops to increase their productivity.