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Thermal Dynamics Automation ICNC XT
We Bring Intelligence to the Table.
When matched with Thermal Dynamics® innovative Ultra-Cut® with Automatic Gas Control, the iCNC® XT achieves true integrated control and turns the most precise plasma system into one of the easiest to operate. With special features like Dual Microprocessor Control, iCNC XT is an affordable upgrade that can be paired with any plasma cutting system for improved cut quality and performance.
Integrated Intelligence
  • By seamlessly integrating sophisticated equipment and adding our extensive Plasma Cutting Knowledge, we
    have added the “experience” of Thermal Dynamics
    into every system, greatly reducing the need for operator or programmer process expertise.
  • The iCNC XT has the capability to recognize if a cut is a
    hole or an inside or outside contour. The shapes and
    nests are truly interpreted by the CNC, not just
    commands, coordinates, lines and arcs.
  • That’s why it is called the “intelligent” CNC.
Built-In Cut Quality
  • Hole cutting quality always optimal, automatically.
    Works with Macro Shapes or DXF files direct from a CAD
    system, and with ESSI or EIA coded programs without
    doing anything special in the office software.
  • Optimized cutting order and piercing locations.
  • Optimized settings for different radius arcs.
  • Dynamically optimized torch distance from plate through
    the whole operation from ignition, piercing, cutting and
    special circumstances.
  • Automatic, dynamic compensation for plasma pre-stops,
    acceleration, following error, and much more.
Integrated System Savings
  • Installation is simplified when all systems are wired to
    one central box (the iCNC) and can be pre-set to work with each other.
  • Less case by case engineering.
  • No finger pointing from vendor to vendor.
  • Remote one spot access to the whole system and a
    possibility to do joined remote sessions with Victor
    Thermal Dynamics specialists for help and training.
  • All information is available in one location and all settings
    and tuning can be done on the same screen.

Operator Console Options
  • XT2 is for Single Plasma machines with all needed
    switches and I/O also for a marking device, no external
    relays needed.
  • XT211 is for one Plasma, one Marker and one
    Oxy Fuel Torch.
  • XT242 is for a maximum 2 Plasmas, 4 Oxy Fuel stations
    and one Marker.
  • The simplest version has no operator switches and the
    machine interface has 8 relay contacts and several low
    level I/O.
  • Several additional configurations exist, and we are happy
    to provide custom panels for partnering table OEMs.

Built-In Process Parameter Database
  • The iCNC communicates with all major brands of
    automated plasma systems that offer an automatic gas
  • Even plasma systems without communication are
    supported by the databases, offering automatic settings
    for all other parameters. On time guidelines allow the
    operator to set the plasma system for selected cutting
    processes and tasks.
  • Best integration is provided for Thermal Dynamics
    Ultra-Cut High Precision Plasma Systems and other
    Thermal Dynamics Plasma Systems.
  • Operator setting errors are practically eliminated.

Built-In Torch Height Control
(iHC) Options
  • A1 Option Includes Built In iHC for one Plasma Torch.
    No external electronics are needed,
    everything is inside the iCNC.
  • A2 Option Includes Built In iHC for
    two Plasma Torches.
    No external electronics are needed,
    everything is inside the iCNC
  • 3 different lifter mechanics versions
    with 2 different Collision Sensor
  • The iHC is easy to integrate to any
    Plasma Torch lifter mechanics.
  • To accommodate a standalone
    external Torch Height Control,
    we offer a simple version with only a
    serial port to communicate with the
    external Height Control System.
Height Control

Internet Diagnostics and Support
  • Our Dual Microprosessor Technology offers a significant
    advantage by fully utilizing sophisticated third party
    software solutions like GoToMeeting*.
  • Everything that is truly integrated into the iCNC can be
    diagnosed and serviced through the internet, servos, the
    height control and the plasma system itself. In addition,
    even the dip-switch settings of the Ultra-Cut® are
  • Diagnose the system while it is cutting, in real time, a
    capability that is comparable to having a service expert on
    site in minutes, always.
  • It is not just about trouble shooting, it’s also about
    answering simple support questions quickly and with
    less communication problems while the support
    technician or operator sees the screen.
Diagnostics And Support
GoToMeeting is a registered
trademark of Citrix Systems, Inc.

Built-In Servo System Options
  • Y2 Option has two 400W amplifiers built in.
  • Y2L Option has one 400W + one 750W amplifiers.
  • Y3 Option has three 400W amplifiers.
  • Y3L Option has one 400W + two 750W amplifiers.
    All options are with Yaskawa amplifiers.
  • Additional option with an installation kit for Yaskawas
    available without the actual servo amplifiers to provide
    the most economical option for table manufacturers.
  • The simplest version has no servos built in, just 2 or 3
    axis enable and analog speed signal outputs for external
    servo amplifiers and corresponding encoder inputs.
Built In Servo

iCNC ® XT Overview
  • Automatic Hole Optimization
  • Automatic Height Control & Plasma Settings
  • Remote Access through Wireless Internet Connection
  • 15" Touch Screen
  • Dual Microprocessor System
  • Ethernet Connectivity as a Standard Feature
  • Heat Exchanger to Allow All-in-one Design
  • Designed for Shape Cutting Tables
  • Runs Sophisticated, Easy to Use Software
  • Reads ESSI, EIA and DXF Files
  • Provides Many Cutting Specialized Tools
  • Automatic Nesting also on Remnant Plates
  • Automatic Cutting Order Optimization
  • Automatic Parameter Settings by Process
  • Dynamic Plasma Pre-Stop Adjusting
  • Flash SATA Hard Drives with No Moving Parts
Optimized for Thermal Dynamics®
Plasma Systems